The Grand Adventure of Rowly

The first 300 words of The Grand Adventure of Rowly. What Oddknits Adventure started from. My dream is to complete it one day.

Rowly awoke thinking it was an average day, just an average normal day. He got ready for work in his normal, average routine way. He was a teacher at Woodly Primary School. He liked his work but it felt dull, average, normal; routine. It was the same everyday of every year. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy it, somewhere, deep inside he knew he was for bigger better things. He wanted adventure, freedom and absurdity. Not this humdrum human life. Rowly was an Elf and an Elf’s life he must lead.

Rowly had had a dream; a notion, a whimsy. He wanted to journey the worlds far and wide, tell their history in a book. So far the book lay unfinished, barely started. The boring life he now leads has taken all of his time; the lives of humans would never sell. They had left magic and the extraordinary behind. Rowly wanted to leave them.

He passed a bag, a big, round, heavy bag and opened the door. Left took him straight to his job. To the honest children, with their dreary tales of their dull, normal, average, routine, boring weekends. Or right, which took him to the park, took him deep into the never-ending Green Wood where the portal slept. Rowly took one step right and then another. His pace quickened and he was soon at the portal before he knew what he was doing.

Only those who knew of the portal could find it hidden through the trees. It was created to seal all magic away from the first humans who wanted no more to do with Elves. Some remained. A few settlers returned but now the portal fell forgotten and asleep, like the humans realm. Rowly whispered to the trees, said his goodbyes then slipped between worlds.


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