The Elf Who Lost Santa

In retail we are really into Christmas, we have to listen to Christmas music for a month.We wear silly things on our heads, this year I have snowflakes. Our boss dresses up as Santa on Saturdays in December, handing out sweeties to good boys and girls. We wrap gifts and spread the cheer. What I like most of all is that most people are in a better mood and I do find that I have less awkward customers, I hope that I haven’t spoken too soon.

In a Time long ago, a seamstress worked at my store and she made some fantastic little Elf costumes for the Saturday girls in my department. A couple colleges remain of the group, one found her outfit in the bottom of her wardrobe. The other remembered handing hers back. They had been lost and forgotten. Bells no longer dinging and the Christmas spirit dwindled.

Earlier this week, a screwed up old bag was found out in one of the back rooms that is used to store display materials. Somehow I was handed it and before I knew it, I was trying the little dress on in the staff tolilets at tea break. Needless to say my bum is far too big, some acessorising needed to be done.

Today was the first of what we call Christmas Saturdays. Sharon and I donned the Elf outfits for the good of Christmas, I tell you what, I am in the mood now and will be doing some present shopping tomorrow. The kids loved it. I was telling them that I had lost Santa and if they were good boys and girls I would write down their names and make sure they were on the good list. The adults loved it too, I think they enjoyed it more, not in a weird teeny tiny short wearing kind of way, I think it helped to get them in the mood too.  It made people laugh and be merry. An elf on each floor. It did give me a lot of confidence and I did start to feel like me again. You can’t be mad at one of Santa’s little helpers.

I hope I get to feel this good next week, when she is back.


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