Blogmas With Oddknits #1

The Start

Welcome to December 1st, the start of my advent calendars, and the start of vlogmas for youtubers and blogmas for me.

Due to my life not being overly pleasant as of late I have been ignoring my blog and have not been to the gym either. Today I have changed that, I went to the gym and I am more knackered than ever before. 2.5 Kilometers in 20mins, I used to do so much better.

The only person who can make my situation is me. I chose blogmas for us to get to know each other a little better. For me to get into blogging a bit more. To give me something to look forward to at the end of each day. I find this relaxing and therapeutic, I have also received some support from you guys that has meant a huge amount to me.Yankee Candle

I’m currently writing this singing loudly to the soundtrack from one of my favourite films, Beauty and the Beast. A beautiful fairytale, one of my many obsessions. With pasta cooking downstairs and drinking gingerbread coffee. I have the first candle from my Yankee Candle advent calender burning, Candy Cane Lane. painting

I will be spending my evening finishing off this page of the Enchanted Forest, in an effort to get me back into painting I have am painting this colouring book. Painting always makes me feel better, no matter how I am feeling or how I look, paint and paper will always be there, I am a rubbish artist, but I enjoy it in a childlike manner, I love colour and creating.

I make things for my own mental health, there is no better feeling like finishing a project, especially one that took a lot of time and effort. I recently finished my Sophie Blanket after working on it since May and it still feel weird not working on it. I will be starting the optional growing bits in the New Year. Stay tuned for that.

I am getting there. All the best until the morrow.




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