Blogmas With Oddknits #4/5


Yesterday I was crippled after work with a headache and a strict diet of bath and bed was required.

I keep being asked what I want for Christmas, the trouble is I don’t know, I don’t want anything.

At first I thought some yarn for upcoming projects. In most cases, we are cheaper plus my staff discount makes me feel it is not worth it. I thought maybe the needles for a couple, again the same reason against. Although I am now coming round to the idea of a set of interchangeable circular needles but for socks you need two of them so I would need two sets.

What I really want is time. Time to write, time to knit, crochet and read. I want space to be free, I want happiness and freedom at work, all things that money can’t buy. We all spend a lot of time wasting it. Throwing it away, sitting down glued to a screen. Yes I may knit during but it not the same as getting lost in a good book, I do not connect to TV/films as I do to characters in books, except maybe Walking Dead that I had to stop watching that because of the nightmares and yet still spend most of my time thinking about it, worrying about Rick and the others.

How do we save time instead of using it all up on pointless things?

I move that changes need to be made, that time needs rescuing from the clutches of modern life. I am going to make changes to my life and work to do more of what I love.  Finish The Vampirates Series, to complete the rest of my WIPs and most importantly, to be happy because if something makes you happy, at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Do that everyday. No one can take that from you.

I have spent too long being miserable and thought of as weird because of knitting and such. I should embrace me and be happy, not hate myself and sink to the level of my bully. It isn’t just the time I am at work that my bully destroys, she sneaks into my home life, causing migraines and pain. I feel that she is stealing my time and I want it back.

Watch out girl, I’m coming back fighting.

All the best, until the morrow.


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