Blogmas With Oddknits. #Candid

                   She Steals the Life From Me

I am losing myself. 

I start to feel more like me, I start to be a bit happier, more motivated. All of a sudden I come crashing back down again. It is creeping out from work and seeping into my homelife, I am dealing with it every second of every day. Life is getting harder. 

I am struggling.

I sleep more than anyone should and yet I am constantly tired. Exhausted from forcing myself to survive. My mind never stops obsessing over every last detail, every sentence said to see if it is me. No one else had a problem with me before now. 

I feel overlooked.

Christmas is coming, winter is here. I love these times, I am not enjoying it this year. I need more time more enthusiasm to sort things, make things. Time keeps getting taken from me as I am dragged back to that place. I keep hiding in my bed. In my dreams hoping it will all be ok in the end. 

I am not ok. 

I am in this dark hole and I don’t feel like I can escape. 

I want to make Rowly, I want to go to the Doomful Lands and fight evil with Maylith.


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