Blogmas With Oddknits #9 

                                                   A stream of conciousness from the kitchen floor 

With the last batch of cheese straws in the oven, ready for the WI Christmas party tonight, I find myself at the end of a super relaxing day. I have had a bath and washed my hair, I have added a heel to my Dad’s sock. 

I think I had bitten off more than I could chew especially with the broken needle incident and being quite down this month, I am sorry Dad but you will most likely be getting just the one pair this year. Still, you can let me know if they are good for you and I can make some more for Father’s Day next year. 

It is day like this that I start to feel better but I still have to go to work tomorrow and I end up slipping down the hole again without making the daylight. 

Cereal Time want us to hide gnomes about the place, I was going to hide dragons next year. Maybe everyone will have forgotten about that by then. We are staying in Brighton for a few days in March, I will be taking a backpack full of Oddknit Dragons with me. 

I need to sit down and asses what needs doing in my life to make it better, how can I spend more time doing what I love to keep me sane? I need to replace those blockades in my mind to keep the bad thoughts out. 


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