A fantastic start to the year, hungover, I have been a lot worse so I see this as an improvement. I had a lovely day spent with friends and then an even better evening spent cozied up in bed crocheting the optional squares for my Sophie’s Universe blanket that I am also under. We ate pizza in bed watching Futurama, Bender’s Game. 

I am content right now. 

I have been reviewing my past year and thinking about my recent mental health issues and how I am going to help myself get better. Every year I make the ineverable resolutions just like everyone else but never keep them because I make unachievible goals. This time is different, I have sat down and really thought about it. I have thought about things I want to make and do rather than change my personality. I have been coming to terms with myself, I am me and I like it. 

The first one, is the same as everyone else. Lose weight and get a little fitter. This year I have added a little extra to this task. I have some goals attached to it as I have lost 3 dress sizes so techniquly have completed that resolution from last year, Istill have a little bit more work to do. My new task is to be able to run for at least 30mins comfortably. I was making good progress at the gym until Winter hit and my hibernation began. My other goal is to wear a dress I got from a charity shop on my birthday. Not only do I want to fit in it, I would like to feel comfortable in it. 

Same as last year, finish Rowly which has slightly grown this year but not as much. I have introduced a new writing exercise which I will do monthly. Using the cards from my Once Upon A Time board game, I will write a short story set in Starcrossd Wasteland and I may even start to make some small illustrations, see how it goes. 

I would like to do more yoga, practise at least 3 times a week. For all over well being. 

I would like to finish my Christmas cross stitch I started a few years ago, even if I just fit in 1 hours worth of work a week. 

I plan to log my progress on these tasks and hopefully 2016 will be bigger and better. 


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