Birthday Wishes

With my birthday approaching, only a month away, mixed with my new found love for all things handdyed and ravelry. Here are a few things I am hoping the birthday fairy may bring. Or at least I may get a little bit of birthday money and I shall buy it myself.

To be honest most years I don’t know what I want, so this makes a nice change for me. You may have a knitter in your life, and may want to surprise them with something they will love. These are my suggestions use them if you wish.

I would love a Mina Makes project bag in a super colourful fabric, that will make me happy every time I look at it. I am fed up of using plastic bags to store my projects, it is just not that nice.


Stuffed to the brim with Stranded Dyeworks Paradise yarn, my first handdyed yarn which I love and would love to have some more for my stash. I have Almost finished my Color Affection Shawl I wouldn’t mind making some matching gloves or socks, maybe even a hat. I want to make all the things striped yellow and green.jungle

I am in desperate need for some stitch makers, safety pins are a little too cumbersome for my knitting and they just don’t look as nice as these simple hearts.heart markers

At only £2.00 useful in so many projects, any knitter would be pleased to see these gifted to them.

From other blogs and Podcasts I have been hearing all about this Loop in London.


A yarn store that sounds magical and is overflowing with colour and just looks heavenly. Someone please take me there! I am not safe to go on my own.

  1. I get lost, way easily and London scares me.
  2. I would buy wayyyyyyyy too much and would need someone to hold me back.
  3. I have weird ideas about what colours go together and will need someone to rap my knuckles if I was grabbing colours that I like with no clear idea on what I want to use them for.

If you really that knitter in your life, then I am sure they would appriciate a fantantastic set of of Knit Pro Symphonie circular needles, interchangeables. I have a few Symphonies already and I love working with them. I have always preferred wooden needles to metal. I have since learned that metal is meant to be quicker, but I find wooden is quicker for me, mainly because the slightest movement makes me lose stitches. So in a sense loses the speed. Hey ho. I have to be awkward and different.



And if you really love me,

I really want a new laptop so I can up my blogging game. My current one is so slow, it is nearing 5 years of age. My fund stands at £32.00. So I have a long way to go on that.



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