Howdy Hi

Hello people of the Blogosphere. How have you been?

I don’t know about you, but I have had an interesting start to the year.

My car is dead and I am still waiting to get it to the garage, just don’t ask, I am fed up of explaining and I also find it super embarrassing not being able to get about as easily as I would, had been fully functional. This inability to drive happened shortly after forking out for the road tax, MOT and my insurance for the year. Hurah!

I have had my Birthday. So many joy from that. We were in Brighton were I frequented YAK, the Yarn and Knitting store. I popped in a couple of times buying more laceweight. I do have a problem, I am yet to knit with any laceweight, but I just feel the need to buy all of it when I find it. I scored some DyeFor Yarn in colourways, Tweety’s Revenge and Passing leaf storm. I also grabbed some Malibrigo laceweight in colourway, Shocking Pink. I have many ideas for this yarn but I am still undecided because it feels amazing. I did get some LITLG sock weight, colourway Beach Hut, because I did have an idea months ago, for getting sock yarn from places I visited, so I would have souvenir socks. Beach Hut seemed appropriate for this Brighton trip. Plus the colours in this speckled yarn are just so me, so if I don’t go through with this project, I will still love the yarn I purchased. I am so pleased that as I was researching the colourways online just now, I learned I can buy from YAK over the interwebs. Goodbye paychecks as now I don’t have to travel all the way back there for more goodies. yak

In Brighton we ate too much and drank too much. Enjoyed some strong sea air before returning home with a nasty cold. But I did get a lot of knitting done because I haven’t wanted to do much else with this rotten cold. I am at the end of it now. No longer freezing cold permanently or suffering headaches that cripple me and only soothed by sleep.

I have also been watching Netflix a lot more being confined to bed where I found that Adventure Time is no longer available to watch, sadtimes, so I have been rewatching Pokemon and really enjoying that to knit/wind skeins to.

I have met up with my Brother who took me to Loop in London and it was as magical as I thought it would be. About half the size of YAK but twice as much stock crammed in. I was a little overwhelmed, I had no projects in mind, monetary issues and a self imposed yarn diet was in place. My mind could not cope with all that was on offer, so much I wanted to try and colours that were beautiful. I felt myself darting around looking at yarn but I was not seeing it and it was one of those moments were I think I needed to sit down with some coffee and think before I acted on impulse. I did not leave empty handed, don’t you worry. There was a skein that called me, The Uncommon Thread, colourway Hi-Vis Yellow.

Yes, it is as bright as it sounds and it is amazing. I cannot make up my mind up as to whether it should be a pair of socks or used as contrasting heels/toes for other socks because a pair in that may be too bright. The other possibility would be a component colour in a eye catching shawl.

We finished the day by having a quick look around the National Art Gallery before a fire alarm went off and had to evacuate the building, to which I was cold and wanted to get back to the safety of home, bake some cakes to take to work for my Birthday and curl up with some knitting after all the knitspiration I received in Loop.

That is my update. More is planned and with Easter Weekend coming more should come. If not shout at me and I will get my butt in gear. I have bloggy ideas and plan to spend the res of this Saturday night starting them off ready.



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