What is in my Ravelry Queue

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Part 1. Part 2 can be found here

I love Ravelry. It is a wonderful knitters paradise. Here I have joined groups, taken part in yarn swaps and lusted over patterns.

I currently have 10 patterns awaiting needles (I do have a magazine with a pattern I like but I haven’t found it on Ravelry to add yet).  Which does not sound like very much when you look at some queues that are in the hundreds if not thousands. I add often and I do remove if I find something I like better or think seriously, would I make that. Shawls being at the top of this category because the accessory box is full to bursting. I need more hand knitted garments. Operation Sock Drawer is in full swing. Or YarnGasm‘s BoxOSoxKal is underway as well.

I even have some of the potential yarn stashed already.

  1. The Viajante


A laceweight shawl with a hood. Yes I know I previously mentioned I do not need anymore to wrap around my neck. I am going to ignore you screaming at my hypocrisy over this pattern and the next in line.I have the yarn for this already. Stranded Dyeworks Dift Base, Colourways Imperial and spook. I want this shawl for its ease when traveling, if you hadn’t heard already Viajante The Traveller is designed to go on adventures around the world. That is my idea anyway.

2. Crazed Scandinavian Cowl

The same pattern designer as Socks From the Toe Up my excuse for this neck warmer being in my queue still is that I bought the pattern in November and I have half the yarn already. A discontinued colour of Stylecraft Life 4ply. This looks challenging to me. It requires a provisional cast on,. something I haven’t tried. It is double sided, again something new. Colour work is not something I have attempted before. The pattern is entirely in charts, which I do not get on with so all in all I think it would be a big challenge getting practice on lots of techniques.





3. Bonny by Tincanknits

I am already planning what I am going to do with my Viajante leftovers. I need more lightweight hand knitted garments in my wardrobe. I love it when the weather gets colder then the thick cabled aran jumpers can come out to keep the chill at bay, but during the Spring and Summer months some lighter clothes are needed. The Bonny seems to do the trick for me, mostly plain with a little lace detail around the neckline to keep you interested. It should be a straightforward knit.

4. Morning Mist by Annie Rowden

A DK weight sweater which would be perfect for warm Spring walks and cooler Autumnal adventures. Again I have gone for a top with a plain body and patterned neckline, this time the texture is on the back. What I have noticed from working in a Ladies’ fashion department is people love a top with details on the back because when you are waiting in a queue that is the part of the garment on show. Undecided on a yarn for this, I like the idea of a cotton blend, something easy to wear.

5. The Exploration Station by Stephen West

Who has not knitted one of these? As someone who only got into Ravelry this year, and after discovering Knitting Podcasts over the Christmas Period I am extremely late to the Stephen West party. I have not tried any of his patterns although I love them all. You may have already noticed I am a fan of bright colours as is he. The patterns he designs are gloriously bright and cheerful. The main reason this appears in my queue is the brioche element. I like to knit projects which will teach me a new technique and brioche seems to the buzz word in the knitting world at the moment. The Exploration seemed to start the snowball which continued to grow after Mina Phillipp of the Knitting Expat published her Le Moelleux Shawl which is knit entirely using the brioche stitch. I am not a fan of her patterns but I do love her.


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