What is in my Ravelry Queue Prt2

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Part2, find part 1 here.

Owl Cardigan Mari Chibaginny_s_cardigan_medium

I first heard of this through Junkyarn’s Podcast and I had to investigate.  I was given Knitting Wizardry for my Birthday. I knew from the moment that I saw it what yarn I wanted to use. Stylecraft Life DK 2319 Cranberry, which I had recently used on my Highland Peaks Shawl, the more I knitted with it, the more I fell in love with it. This was also at the time I realised I had super lightweight cardigans to wear at work and I had super thin ones that were more like outwear than something I would feel comfortable working in. I know it is a bit late for this winter to make this. I plan to make it over the summer so it will be ready for next year. This is a figure hugging cardigan which will keep me warm in our ancient shop.heliopath2_medium2

Drop Your Guard Vest by Emma Welford

I can relate to Luna Lovegood, no I don’t know why…. From the photo I assumed it would be aran and picked out a Hayfield Bonus aran in Mustard. When I read the pattern I leaned it is in fact designed for DK. The colour choices opened up once more. Now I’m not sure. I am thinking a neutral, something I can wear with a lot. Or orange. I really want to have a go at the dropped stitches. It is not often a knitter is asked to drop stitches. This appears to be a great layering piece and when my partner saw the pattern he instantly said that is very you. It is only a matter of time.

Giant’s Sweater by Anne PodlesakHagrid_1_medium2

Everybody knows my love for a cabled sweater. I picture knitting this up in a gorgeous cream. Not ordinarily a cream coloured person, but it is traditional for aran and I do not own one. A colleague has a beautiful aran styled jumper in cream and every time she wears it I am green with envy.This would be the sort of oversized jumper you would walk the dog on a crisp winter morning watching your breath swirl out in front of you. It would be like walking around in a woolen cuddle.

Cloud Stripe Sweater by Judy BrienDSC04156_medium2

I need to use my lace weight up somehow. This looks so comfortable and right up my street. Slouchy in a way, easy to layer but also has a level of sophistication. It is a quick and easy knit. I have not knitted a sweater from the top down yet, so a new skill could be learned from this project.


12794767_10209072076018969_2032870089130453054_o_medium2Frida’s Flowers Blanket by Jane Crowfoot

Last year I took part in the Stylecraft Crochet Along. I made a Lilypond with everyone else and this year they are running it again starting the 5th of April. Even though there were times I did not enjoy it, I have the added task to making parts of it for the display at work as we stock the yarn and the leaflets never do the blanket justice as it is supposed to be a mystery but there are loads of photos online if you look for them, even on the pattern page on Ravelry. You can still access the pattern from last year, originally they were going to take it down after a certain time period but in the end they kept running it because loads of people didn’t start it until they saw what their friends made.

And that concludes my queue. I do hope I get to finish these before the end of 2016. That is my goal so I can start the new year with a new queue.

The keen eyed among you may spot that I do indeed have more than ten in my Ravelry queue which I had mentioned I like to avoid, but the other patterns, I do not want to lose, I am merely bookmarking them for a later date when my Top Ten are complete.


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