Laura’s Shoe Box

DSCF4792Our Window Dresser, Laura is expecting and due at the start of May. I dedicated April to stuffing a shoe box full of hand knit goodies for the little sprog. Our Laura is also very under-prepared and when I gifted her the box full of Jumpers, Hats and Booties, she was so excited because apparently babies have to leave the hospital wearing a hat and she did not own one yet. Well now you have four honey.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a colleague was cleaning out her yarn stash and gave me all her odd bits as she knew I liked making toys and she, a garment knitter would never need. This lovely lady also put in my bag of goodies, a pattern book full of baby knitting patterns. They are great and I have a full range of DK jumpers, cardigans, hats in a plain, cabled or ribbed style. I made two patterns twice, not a fan of button bands or sewing buttons on for that matter, so made the jumpers.

The Pattern Book: The Baby Collection in Pure Luxury Merino Double Knitting

The Bootie Patterns Sirdar 1483   Sirdar 1487

All yarns are by Sirdar


Alicia Sweater.

Cosy Spot and Pumpkin patch

A garter stitch jumper with a twisted stitch detail.

Knit out of Snuggly Spots DK, Cosy Spot, with a a little Snuggly Dk, Pumpkin Patch

I accidentally made the premature size in this one. I do not know how big babies are apparently, but it is a stretchy pattern which could get a little wear, but Laura has since explained that baby is looking like it will be small as that is what the doctors are telling them. Maybe it will go on a Teddy Bear after, it does fit on her Bunny Rabbit toy and she has shown me photographic evidence of this. I have also had a small fashion shoot with my green dinosaur making sure that all the jumpers and things sit right on a small body. (I think I will be making jumpers for him in the future)

The Hat is the Katie hat from the same book, yarn chicken was threatening when working on the booties. So I decided to beat it by using some of the orange to help eek out the yarn.

I made some cream booties out of Snuggly 4ply which also goes well with this sweater as it has a similar stitch pattern and the colourway goes well with the Cosy Spot.

Cream Colourway
Pumpkin Patch Colourway

I also made the same sweater in a larger size, and in Snuggly DK, Pumpkin Patch. This one should fit a healthy sized baby until about six months old so plenty of wear. With the baby being a summer baby, my main worry was will it be able to wear these sweaters? I have done and plan on some more in all sizes so the little tyke will be cosy for a long time.

The hat is the Katie pattern from the same book,  I made the lace top booties, where I forgot about the turn back and carried on knitting normally until the end and I realised the wrong side is now the right side, but it works with the garter stitch jumper. Next time I will remember to make it properly, I am sure.

Jake Sweater.

This has a plain stockinette sweater with a roll hem and a ribbed edge.

Hamish Colourway
Fergus Colourway









Simple but looks great knit out of  Snuggly Crofter DK , Hamish and Fergus. I made the matching hat and some garter stitch booties. This was a really east knit and I have made them in two different sizes. Newborn and six to twelve months. I am a big fan of Crofter as it makes the garment look super complicated but it is in fact a stockinette jumper. I had yarn issues with both, I was halfway through the neckband on Fergus when the yarn ran out with only seven rows to go. This is where I decided to make matching hats and booties. On Hamish I got to the ankle part of the second boot when I ran out of yarn. Because I was using Snuggly instead of the yarn appropriated in the pattern, the discontinued Stylecraft Pure Luxury Merino which has a tiny meterage of 119m compared to Snuggly’s 165m. So I was always going to be left with plenty when knitting from this book, but now I am left with loads of Hamish because I already had a sweater, a hat and a one and a half boots before buying that extra ball. I am thinking of possibly when it is all said and done, including the extra jumpers I am working on, of making a cosy memory blanket, adapting it to DK yarn and using the leftover yarns of the littl’un’s jumpers. And they can then keep it for years to come as a cosy memory.



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