Crafting Quietly in the Corner.

The Life and Crimes of a Serial Knitter.

Off The Needles

sock-blank-eyeletsFrost Drops Socks

Last night I finished my in between socks. I had a December 1st cast on, finished on the 18th, but there was still a week betwixt this pair and the Little Bobbin Knits Christmas Eve cast on. I can’t not have a pair of socks on the needles. I used Stranded Dyeworks, Plateau base, Sock Blank in the Frostbite colourway. I used an all over eyelet lace detail which does make me think of ice. I love these cold and frosty looking socks.

On The Needles

autumnal-feelingsAutumnal Feelings

I still have the Featherweight Cardigan in Eden Cottage Yarns Lace, Autumn. I have made some headway on the second Sleeve though. Feeling better there. I like working on it, I think the Laceweight is just so thin that it never feels like any progress is being made. Will keep plodding on though.

My Goal for next week is to have two more repeats on that sleeve. I will also get a better and more recent photograph.


Jimmy’s Matching Mustard

I have a friend, Jimmy, who at a house party was teased by the others for having mustard yellow socks which matched his mustard yellow jumper. My immediate thought; I am going to make him a matching hat. I pictured a cable pattern, I found the Gokstad Hat, free on ravelry. Looked great. It is very attention consuming, you have to stare at the pattern throughout the knit, with notes constantly being written on each row. It is taking a lot longer than I thought. How long can a hat take, really? I am using WYS Signature 4ply Turmeric.

My Goal for next week is to have the hat completed.

orange-you-in-love-with-green-wipA Toe in the Briochean

I have dipped my toe in to the Briochean. I previously knit Gerard Alt‘s Brioche scarf, knit on the bias. I have taken the cast on and set up rows from this pattern and then  have gone wild, using this as a spring board to make a triangular shawl. I am using Wollmeise in Frosch and Pinball Wizzzard. I have always loved the colours, green and orange together. These two skeins looked so autumnal, my favourite palette. I felt they would look great together in a Brioche shawl, but wanted to try something out myself and practice the brioche stitch some more.

My Goal for next week is to have knit six inches further.

blanket-plansMy Cosy Memory Blanket has been attended to, quite well. I am up to date. one one more yarn to knit into it. I think I am nearing about quarter of the way through now.

My Goal for next week is to add the leftovers from my all over eyelet socks.

Queue Highlight

Awaiting cast on is Crazed Scandinavian Cowl. This has been in my queue a very long time, I bought the pattern over a year ago, I have the yarn and needles but have not cast it on yet. I did a small colour work project just before Christmas, I really enjoyed the knit, but I know that this pattern is going to need some concentration. When I feel I have the brain space I will definitely get started. It will be so warm so I am hoping to get the cowl completed by next Winter.


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