Fear of Chicken Pox

Life and Crimes of a Serial Knitter

In amidst of all the chaos, I am knitting to my hearts content trying to forget everything going on around me.

This week I found out that one of my favourite customers died of a heart attack just before Christmas. She was always such a lovely lady, so patient and understanding. I never knew her name, I feel guilty of this fact. All I really knew about her was that she made beautiful jewellery and had two false legs. Yes that is right. Two fake legs and would very much joke about the fact; she never let it get in her way. Something I have to remember.

My best mate at work, her husband; is currently lying in an induced coma and we are waiting to find out how much of him is left. They hope to wake him today. Chicken Pox to the brain. Who has ever heard of that? I knew previously that this disease was dangerous as an adult, but if you have never had it before, it is becoming apparent to be more deadly than I had thought. It does not bear thinking about. We have absolutely everything crossed, but the doctors have postponed waking him three times already. My heart goes out to the family.

On to series three of Walking Dead now. It is seriously not the dead you need to worry about when the zombies come. Must stop thinking about it, I have to keep my watching to a minimum as it can create nightmares.

I have a lot on my mind and am waiting for the fog to clear, great swathes of stocking stitch is the only thing I can really cope with. Now on to the knitting.

On The Needles

Autumnal Feelings


I still have the Featherweight Cardigan in Eden Cottage Yarns Lace, Autumn.  The goal of two repeats knitted has been surpassed. With three and a half repeats being completed. I think I may even get this cardigan finished by the end of the month. That is the dream.

My Goal for next week is to have the second sleeve done and possibly have picked up the stitches for the neckband.

Jimmy’s Matching Mustard

owls-and-crabs Gokstad Hat, free on ravelry. I am using WYS Signature 4ply Turmeric. Still not completed. Just a chart one repeat away from moving on to the decreases and chart two. Which should be the last 20 rounds. Not far to go. Been too distracted this week to focus on this attention manipulating project.

My Goal for next week is to have the hat completed.



A Toe in the Briochean

six-inches-of-briocheThe start was stolen from Gerard Alt‘s Brioche scarf, knit on the bias. I am using Wollmeise in Frosch and Pinball Wizzzard. I have been loving this project this week, as this has been just what my brain can cope with, basic stitches without thinking. I have knitted just over seven inches further from last week so the six inch goal was met. I am a little concerned that I am increasing too frequently, but I have plenty on yarn to keep going with. I like the way it is looking so far. I am reluctant to rip back anytime soon as I have been working a great deal on this shawl.

My Goal for next week is to be three inches further on, I am aware that the increases means that I have roughly one hundred more stitches than I did last week, so setting myself the same goal again would be futile.

Queue Highlight

Yarn is waiting to be caked ready for the Hourglass Winter Hat

I got some aran weight yarn from a local farmers market. The sheep it came from live in my home town, two villages over. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be a hat, I love cabling and went on a ravelry wonder to find a hat worthy of a locally produced yarn. This was not what I expected to see at the market. I am really looking forward to knitting this up, with it being aran weight on 5mm needles, it should not take long. please ignore my Gokstad hat taking forever there.



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