Worrying Wrists

Life and Crimes of a Serial Knitter

Feeling much better this week, although Brioche will be the death of me.

My friend’s husband is awake and he is starting the long road to recovery so everyone can breathe now. Things will slowly return to normal and most importantly, he seems to have all his faculties. Apparently he hasn’t changed at all much to his wife’s annoyance. The tracheotomy is taking its toll, so I believe they will be trying to remove it, only as long as he doesn’t need it anymore. So we shall see, so my mind hasn’t been taken up to much by this.

I went to knit night this week, first time since the Christmas party, that was the day it snowed in the Southeast of the UK, so to start with I was drinking alone for a good forty five minutes cuddled up to both dogs. I must say, my feet were very cold that day and I think my shoes may be ruined, but I can’t bare to try and fix the water damage yet. I only took one project to knit night. Yes, two project Amy had only one with her. My wrist the next few days became very  achy and I continued to knit, ignoring everyone telling me not to. I did knit a new project that was light on the wrists, and tried to take long breaks often. The Brioche stitch is twice the movement for each stitch, so knitting from half past two in the afternoon, until quarter to ten in the evening, is not a good idea. Won’t be doing that again anytime soon. I am feeling a lot better now. Still taking frequent breaks which I know I should anyway and occasionally putting the support on for at home, in front of podcast knitting.


On The Needles

Autumnal Feelings


neckband-collarI still have the Featherweight Cardigan in Eden Cottage Yarns Lace, Autumn.  I finished the second sleeve and I am currently one inch through the collar/neckband.

My Goal for next week is to complete the collar/neckband.



Jimmy’s Matching Mustard

owls-and-crabs Gokstad Hat, free on ravelry. I am using WYS Signature 4ply Turmeric. Frogged. I could not take it anymore, with my wrist hurting the twisted ribbing and cabling disgusted me. I could not face that. All gone. I had messed up the pattern at the back of the hat anyway. I may cast it on again one day, maybe not. I have accepted it.


A Toe in the Briochean

briocccchhheeeThe start was stolen from Gerard Alt‘s Brioche scarf, knit on the bias. I am using Wollmeise in Frosch and Pinball Wizzzard. I have loved knitting on this. Do not ask me how many stitches are on the needles, I have no idea. It has grown four inches this week, one inch more than specified in my goal. I am glad I got this far before my wrists hurt as I did manage to reach all of my goals by then. So I could have done so much more. Nevermind.

My Goal for next week is to be two inches further on.

Warming Wristers

full-fingeredI cast this on, as everything on the needles contained 1×1 ribbing, these warmers do have 1×1 ribbed cuffs. After the cuffs it was stocking stitch in the round. Peace. I have improvised the pattern, I am thinking it is a little too big, but I like it as it can be worn above or under a sleeve. Ideal for knitting in. The yarn is Hearthrug from Stranded Dyeworks‘ sock blank club, I believe it was from November. I am loving the colours and it looks so warming.


My Goal for next week is to have the second glove done and dusted.

Bev’s Mitts

mittasI have been  asked by my colleague to make her some fingerless gloves. I wanted to knit them up quickly so I have chosen a DK pattern, Knucks. I am using Stylecraft Life Dk in Fern 2311, Bev’s fave colour. This is a very interesting pattern as it is knitted from the fingers down. Getting all of the fiddly bits done first. This is one of those projects I am picking up and putting down in between other things. Soon to add the thumb and then it should be plain sailing down the hand and wrist.

My Goal for next week is to have one mitt complete.

Queue Highlight

Morvarch, a cabled laceweight shawl. That looks like it would be an achievement to knit. I want it so bad. I think that would be a lot of fun to knit and I have a great yarn in mind. A rusty brown yarn by Dye For Yarn, Passing Leaf Storm. I have a collection of laceweight yarns that needs knitting down in my stash. I think that rustic colouring will work well with the celtic pattern. I am thinking of purchasing the ebook of the whole collection of patterns because they are all cabled and all my style. Not that I need anymore shawls…..


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