My Make Nine 2018

What I would like to make in 2018.

Always striving for that handmade wardrobe. Give me enough time I would take my self into the shed and make the furniture to store it in too.

gromit jumper



1. Gomit Jumper by Patons. I will be tweeking the pattern and using chunky yarn to make this reminiscent garment.

2. Hagrid jumper in a comfortable cream. How I long for a traditional aran. Says the girl who believes colour is hagrid jumpereverything.

3. 7067 by Sirdar. I have the pattern and some yarn ready. With plans to march across Snowdon this year, this is my mountain whooded sweateralking jumper of choice.


4. Green Gables MKAL. No longer a mystery knit along but in all it’s peacock feather glory I need to make this shawl. So intricate and a real challenge. Can’t wait to attack with pi shawl with needles and gables shawl


state of mind

5.State of Mind Cardigan. Cables, cables, cables for days. I love cables more than anything in my knitting and the bigger the better.


6. Cannoli. I am a glutton for punishment. I love that squishy cannolibrioche stitch for some ridiculous reasoning I am sure. A shawl/cowl/poncho, what more could a girl want.

lavia7. Lavia. I am all about comfort in my clothing. Never one for style, I love an effortless batwing and need some hand knit slouchy jumpers in wardrobe.


8.  Simplicity Pattern 1080. I have made a few already, including one with the back 1080upside down, another in completely the wrong fabric design and one that I just love. I would like to make some more work appropriate version of this pattern. I love that it is perfect for all year round, easy to layer see.

9. Weekender Blanket mixed in with some Granny Striping. Used with all my oddments and scraps, a few mini skeins leftover from all my other projects. I want to make both and think it would look great to merge them together. There are are few crochet blankets in our house now. I always want to make more. weekender


The Year of The Flat Tyre


The year of having a truly annoying day immediately after having a fabulous day filled with confidence and happiness. A flat tyre just after Easter, an egging just after a target busting week at work. A flat tyre a few days after Christmas are just a few of those little niggling events which are nothing compared to what colleagues and friends have gone through this year.

I have made some wonderful new friends. Drank a surprising amount of gin. Made a ridiculous number of mincemeat shortbread. With orders for more in the new year! Keep your eyes open for reduced the clear mincemeat. I have huge plans for Christmas next year; including homemade mincemeat, hampers filled with food and other festive treats for everyone. Thank Kirstie Allsop for your inspirational series this year.

I have been a bit slow in the knitting department in the latter half of the year. It took a long time to realise it was my very popular scrappy Briochevron Wrap that was stopping me from creating the projects in my stash and on my Ravelry Queue. The 24 mini socks for my parents advent calender took over November too. Not leaving me much selfish knitting time with people around me having lots of babies as well.

Top Nine Projects of 2017

lanewayfading throughgrainger sockspotter socksweasley socksdotted raysbriochevron wrap prgresssadventasterix skirt







Here we have:

Laneway by Vera Valimaki. A incredibley comfy jumper dress. such a long repetitive knit that can be made without thinking and look fabulous and flattering. I see more of these in my future.

Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry. Loved making this and think this has to be my favourite of the year. So many hours went into this and I love that most of the yarns came from Unravel 2017 and came together on the train home from my first yarn event.

Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Leuder. Knit for my Dad as part of a Wizarding World trio of socks.

Down the Rabbithole by Purrlescent. Knit for my Dad. This is the Potter pair, with a zig zag pattern down the sock to represent the Potter scar.

The Weasley Homstead by Erica Leuder. The final of the trio, he loves them as much as I do. Time to plan 2018 socks for Dad.

Dotted Rays by Stephen West. A real mindless knit and comfortable shawl. Knit in my colours, purple and green. This is lovely to wrap up in and great memories in the knit.

The Briochevron Wrap by Stephen West. This is still ongoing, but I am over halfway through now and have spent so long working on it this year I am counting it regardless. People go made for this really simple brioche pattern. There are too rows, and one of those is plain. If you start anything this year, start a scrappy Briochevron Wrap. It is fabulously good fun.

24 Tiny Socks for Advent by Amy Smith. Using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist. I knit these using my toe up technique that I have learned from Wendy D Johnston. Filled with chocies these are a delight. didn’t take too long and I have plans for a colourwork finale stocking for 2018.

5929 by Butterick. I have made this skirt five times now, with two more cut out and ready to go. This pattern is perfect for me to wear to work and at home or out for the day and evening depending on fabric used. It works really well with my choice of ‘quirky’ fabrics that lends so well to my style. This skirt can be worn all year round with/out tights. T-Shirts, jumper and cardigans all work with this skirt. I will be making this all my life, I can honestly say.


Overall I have achieved what I wanted this year and am forming my plans and ideas for the next. I want to introduce crafting back into my life, knitting and sewing have been at the forefront for the last couple of years. I still have plenty of supplies for other hobbies and crafts I have tried in the past. I need more space and organisation in my life and am working on improving these traits.

I hope you had a smashing 2017 and an even better 2018.

See you in the new year peeps.

Worrying Wrists

Life and Crimes of a Serial Knitter

Feeling much better this week, although Brioche will be the death of me.

My friend’s husband is awake and he is starting the long road to recovery so everyone can breathe now. Things will slowly return to normal and most importantly, he seems to have all his faculties. Apparently he hasn’t changed at all much to his wife’s annoyance. The tracheotomy is taking its toll, so I believe they will be trying to remove it, only as long as he doesn’t need it anymore. So we shall see, so my mind hasn’t been taken up to much by this.

I went to knit night this week, first time since the Christmas party, that was the day it snowed in the Southeast of the UK, so to start with I was drinking alone for a good forty five minutes cuddled up to both dogs. I must say, my feet were very cold that day and I think my shoes may be ruined, but I can’t bare to try and fix the water damage yet. I only took one project to knit night. Yes, two project Amy had only one with her. My wrist the next few days became very  achy and I continued to knit, ignoring everyone telling me not to. I did knit a new project that was light on the wrists, and tried to take long breaks often. The Brioche stitch is twice the movement for each stitch, so knitting from half past two in the afternoon, until quarter to ten in the evening, is not a good idea. Won’t be doing that again anytime soon. I am feeling a lot better now. Still taking frequent breaks which I know I should anyway and occasionally putting the support on for at home, in front of podcast knitting.


On The Needles

Autumnal Feelings


neckband-collarI still have the Featherweight Cardigan in Eden Cottage Yarns Lace, Autumn.  I finished the second sleeve and I am currently one inch through the collar/neckband.

My Goal for next week is to complete the collar/neckband.



Jimmy’s Matching Mustard

owls-and-crabs Gokstad Hat, free on ravelry. I am using WYS Signature 4ply Turmeric. Frogged. I could not take it anymore, with my wrist hurting the twisted ribbing and cabling disgusted me. I could not face that. All gone. I had messed up the pattern at the back of the hat anyway. I may cast it on again one day, maybe not. I have accepted it.


A Toe in the Briochean

briocccchhheeeThe start was stolen from Gerard Alt‘s Brioche scarf, knit on the bias. I am using Wollmeise in Frosch and Pinball Wizzzard. I have loved knitting on this. Do not ask me how many stitches are on the needles, I have no idea. It has grown four inches this week, one inch more than specified in my goal. I am glad I got this far before my wrists hurt as I did manage to reach all of my goals by then. So I could have done so much more. Nevermind.

My Goal for next week is to be two inches further on.

Warming Wristers

full-fingeredI cast this on, as everything on the needles contained 1×1 ribbing, these warmers do have 1×1 ribbed cuffs. After the cuffs it was stocking stitch in the round. Peace. I have improvised the pattern, I am thinking it is a little too big, but I like it as it can be worn above or under a sleeve. Ideal for knitting in. The yarn is Hearthrug from Stranded Dyeworks‘ sock blank club, I believe it was from November. I am loving the colours and it looks so warming.


My Goal for next week is to have the second glove done and dusted.

Bev’s Mitts

mittasI have been  asked by my colleague to make her some fingerless gloves. I wanted to knit them up quickly so I have chosen a DK pattern, Knucks. I am using Stylecraft Life Dk in Fern 2311, Bev’s fave colour. This is a very interesting pattern as it is knitted from the fingers down. Getting all of the fiddly bits done first. This is one of those projects I am picking up and putting down in between other things. Soon to add the thumb and then it should be plain sailing down the hand and wrist.

My Goal for next week is to have one mitt complete.

Queue Highlight

Morvarch, a cabled laceweight shawl. That looks like it would be an achievement to knit. I want it so bad. I think that would be a lot of fun to knit and I have a great yarn in mind. A rusty brown yarn by Dye For Yarn, Passing Leaf Storm. I have a collection of laceweight yarns that needs knitting down in my stash. I think that rustic colouring will work well with the celtic pattern. I am thinking of purchasing the ebook of the whole collection of patterns because they are all cabled and all my style. Not that I need anymore shawls…..

Fear of Chicken Pox

Life and Crimes of a Serial Knitter

In amidst of all the chaos, I am knitting to my hearts content trying to forget everything going on around me.

This week I found out that one of my favourite customers died of a heart attack just before Christmas. She was always such a lovely lady, so patient and understanding. I never knew her name, I feel guilty of this fact. All I really knew about her was that she made beautiful jewellery and had two false legs. Yes that is right. Two fake legs and would very much joke about the fact; she never let it get in her way. Something I have to remember.

My best mate at work, her husband; is currently lying in an induced coma and we are waiting to find out how much of him is left. They hope to wake him today. Chicken Pox to the brain. Who has ever heard of that? I knew previously that this disease was dangerous as an adult, but if you have never had it before, it is becoming apparent to be more deadly than I had thought. It does not bear thinking about. We have absolutely everything crossed, but the doctors have postponed waking him three times already. My heart goes out to the family.

On to series three of Walking Dead now. It is seriously not the dead you need to worry about when the zombies come. Must stop thinking about it, I have to keep my watching to a minimum as it can create nightmares.

I have a lot on my mind and am waiting for the fog to clear, great swathes of stocking stitch is the only thing I can really cope with. Now on to the knitting.

On The Needles

Autumnal Feelings


I still have the Featherweight Cardigan in Eden Cottage Yarns Lace, Autumn.  The goal of two repeats knitted has been surpassed. With three and a half repeats being completed. I think I may even get this cardigan finished by the end of the month. That is the dream.

My Goal for next week is to have the second sleeve done and possibly have picked up the stitches for the neckband.

Jimmy’s Matching Mustard

owls-and-crabs Gokstad Hat, free on ravelry. I am using WYS Signature 4ply Turmeric. Still not completed. Just a chart one repeat away from moving on to the decreases and chart two. Which should be the last 20 rounds. Not far to go. Been too distracted this week to focus on this attention manipulating project.

My Goal for next week is to have the hat completed.



A Toe in the Briochean

six-inches-of-briocheThe start was stolen from Gerard Alt‘s Brioche scarf, knit on the bias. I am using Wollmeise in Frosch and Pinball Wizzzard. I have been loving this project this week, as this has been just what my brain can cope with, basic stitches without thinking. I have knitted just over seven inches further from last week so the six inch goal was met. I am a little concerned that I am increasing too frequently, but I have plenty on yarn to keep going with. I like the way it is looking so far. I am reluctant to rip back anytime soon as I have been working a great deal on this shawl.

My Goal for next week is to be three inches further on, I am aware that the increases means that I have roughly one hundred more stitches than I did last week, so setting myself the same goal again would be futile.

Queue Highlight

Yarn is waiting to be caked ready for the Hourglass Winter Hat

I got some aran weight yarn from a local farmers market. The sheep it came from live in my home town, two villages over. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be a hat, I love cabling and went on a ravelry wonder to find a hat worthy of a locally produced yarn. This was not what I expected to see at the market. I am really looking forward to knitting this up, with it being aran weight on 5mm needles, it should not take long. please ignore my Gokstad hat taking forever there.


Crafting Quietly in the Corner.

The Life and Crimes of a Serial Knitter.

Off The Needles

sock-blank-eyeletsFrost Drops Socks

Last night I finished my in between socks. I had a December 1st cast on, finished on the 18th, but there was still a week betwixt this pair and the Little Bobbin Knits Christmas Eve cast on. I can’t not have a pair of socks on the needles. I used Stranded Dyeworks, Plateau base, Sock Blank in the Frostbite colourway. I used an all over eyelet lace detail which does make me think of ice. I love these cold and frosty looking socks.

On The Needles

autumnal-feelingsAutumnal Feelings

I still have the Featherweight Cardigan in Eden Cottage Yarns Lace, Autumn. I have made some headway on the second Sleeve though. Feeling better there. I like working on it, I think the Laceweight is just so thin that it never feels like any progress is being made. Will keep plodding on though.

My Goal for next week is to have two more repeats on that sleeve. I will also get a better and more recent photograph.


Jimmy’s Matching Mustard

I have a friend, Jimmy, who at a house party was teased by the others for having mustard yellow socks which matched his mustard yellow jumper. My immediate thought; I am going to make him a matching hat. I pictured a cable pattern, I found the Gokstad Hat, free on ravelry. Looked great. It is very attention consuming, you have to stare at the pattern throughout the knit, with notes constantly being written on each row. It is taking a lot longer than I thought. How long can a hat take, really? I am using WYS Signature 4ply Turmeric.

My Goal for next week is to have the hat completed.

orange-you-in-love-with-green-wipA Toe in the Briochean

I have dipped my toe in to the Briochean. I previously knit Gerard Alt‘s Brioche scarf, knit on the bias. I have taken the cast on and set up rows from this pattern and then  have gone wild, using this as a spring board to make a triangular shawl. I am using Wollmeise in Frosch and Pinball Wizzzard. I have always loved the colours, green and orange together. These two skeins looked so autumnal, my favourite palette. I felt they would look great together in a Brioche shawl, but wanted to try something out myself and practice the brioche stitch some more.

My Goal for next week is to have knit six inches further.

blanket-plansMy Cosy Memory Blanket has been attended to, quite well. I am up to date. one one more yarn to knit into it. I think I am nearing about quarter of the way through now.

My Goal for next week is to add the leftovers from my all over eyelet socks.

Queue Highlight

Awaiting cast on is Crazed Scandinavian Cowl. This has been in my queue a very long time, I bought the pattern over a year ago, I have the yarn and needles but have not cast it on yet. I did a small colour work project just before Christmas, I really enjoyed the knit, but I know that this pattern is going to need some concentration. When I feel I have the brain space I will definitely get started. It will be so warm so I am hoping to get the cowl completed by next Winter.

Laura’s Shoe Box

DSCF4792Our Window Dresser, Laura is expecting and due at the start of May. I dedicated April to stuffing a shoe box full of hand knit goodies for the little sprog. Our Laura is also very under-prepared and when I gifted her the box full of Jumpers, Hats and Booties, she was so excited because apparently babies have to leave the hospital wearing a hat and she did not own one yet. Well now you have four honey.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a colleague was cleaning out her yarn stash and gave me all her odd bits as she knew I liked making toys and she, a garment knitter would never need. This lovely lady also put in my bag of goodies, a pattern book full of baby knitting patterns. They are great and I have a full range of DK jumpers, cardigans, hats in a plain, cabled or ribbed style. I made two patterns twice, not a fan of button bands or sewing buttons on for that matter, so made the jumpers.

The Pattern Book: The Baby Collection in Pure Luxury Merino Double Knitting

The Bootie Patterns Sirdar 1483   Sirdar 1487

All yarns are by Sirdar


Alicia Sweater.

Cosy Spot and Pumpkin patch

A garter stitch jumper with a twisted stitch detail.

Knit out of Snuggly Spots DK, Cosy Spot, with a a little Snuggly Dk, Pumpkin Patch

I accidentally made the premature size in this one. I do not know how big babies are apparently, but it is a stretchy pattern which could get a little wear, but Laura has since explained that baby is looking like it will be small as that is what the doctors are telling them. Maybe it will go on a Teddy Bear after, it does fit on her Bunny Rabbit toy and she has shown me photographic evidence of this. I have also had a small fashion shoot with my green dinosaur making sure that all the jumpers and things sit right on a small body. (I think I will be making jumpers for him in the future)

The Hat is the Katie hat from the same book, yarn chicken was threatening when working on the booties. So I decided to beat it by using some of the orange to help eek out the yarn.

I made some cream booties out of Snuggly 4ply which also goes well with this sweater as it has a similar stitch pattern and the colourway goes well with the Cosy Spot.

Cream Colourway
Pumpkin Patch Colourway

I also made the same sweater in a larger size, and in Snuggly DK, Pumpkin Patch. This one should fit a healthy sized baby until about six months old so plenty of wear. With the baby being a summer baby, my main worry was will it be able to wear these sweaters? I have done and plan on some more in all sizes so the little tyke will be cosy for a long time.

The hat is the Katie pattern from the same book,  I made the lace top booties, where I forgot about the turn back and carried on knitting normally until the end and I realised the wrong side is now the right side, but it works with the garter stitch jumper. Next time I will remember to make it properly, I am sure.

Jake Sweater.

This has a plain stockinette sweater with a roll hem and a ribbed edge.

Hamish Colourway
Fergus Colourway









Simple but looks great knit out of  Snuggly Crofter DK , Hamish and Fergus. I made the matching hat and some garter stitch booties. This was a really east knit and I have made them in two different sizes. Newborn and six to twelve months. I am a big fan of Crofter as it makes the garment look super complicated but it is in fact a stockinette jumper. I had yarn issues with both, I was halfway through the neckband on Fergus when the yarn ran out with only seven rows to go. This is where I decided to make matching hats and booties. On Hamish I got to the ankle part of the second boot when I ran out of yarn. Because I was using Snuggly instead of the yarn appropriated in the pattern, the discontinued Stylecraft Pure Luxury Merino which has a tiny meterage of 119m compared to Snuggly’s 165m. So I was always going to be left with plenty when knitting from this book, but now I am left with loads of Hamish because I already had a sweater, a hat and a one and a half boots before buying that extra ball. I am thinking of possibly when it is all said and done, including the extra jumpers I am working on, of making a cosy memory blanket, adapting it to DK yarn and using the leftover yarns of the littl’un’s jumpers. And they can then keep it for years to come as a cosy memory.


What is in my Ravelry Queue Prt2

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Part2, find part 1 here.

Owl Cardigan Mari Chibaginny_s_cardigan_medium

I first heard of this through Junkyarn’s Podcast and I had to investigate.  I was given Knitting Wizardry for my Birthday. I knew from the moment that I saw it what yarn I wanted to use. Stylecraft Life DK 2319 Cranberry, which I had recently used on my Highland Peaks Shawl, the more I knitted with it, the more I fell in love with it. This was also at the time I realised I had super lightweight cardigans to wear at work and I had super thin ones that were more like outwear than something I would feel comfortable working in. I know it is a bit late for this winter to make this. I plan to make it over the summer so it will be ready for next year. This is a figure hugging cardigan which will keep me warm in our ancient shop.heliopath2_medium2

Drop Your Guard Vest by Emma Welford

I can relate to Luna Lovegood, no I don’t know why…. From the photo I assumed it would be aran and picked out a Hayfield Bonus aran in Mustard. When I read the pattern I leaned it is in fact designed for DK. The colour choices opened up once more. Now I’m not sure. I am thinking a neutral, something I can wear with a lot. Or orange. I really want to have a go at the dropped stitches. It is not often a knitter is asked to drop stitches. This appears to be a great layering piece and when my partner saw the pattern he instantly said that is very you. It is only a matter of time.

Giant’s Sweater by Anne PodlesakHagrid_1_medium2

Everybody knows my love for a cabled sweater. I picture knitting this up in a gorgeous cream. Not ordinarily a cream coloured person, but it is traditional for aran and I do not own one. A colleague has a beautiful aran styled jumper in cream and every time she wears it I am green with envy.This would be the sort of oversized jumper you would walk the dog on a crisp winter morning watching your breath swirl out in front of you. It would be like walking around in a woolen cuddle.

Cloud Stripe Sweater by Judy BrienDSC04156_medium2

I need to use my lace weight up somehow. This looks so comfortable and right up my street. Slouchy in a way, easy to layer but also has a level of sophistication. It is a quick and easy knit. I have not knitted a sweater from the top down yet, so a new skill could be learned from this project.


12794767_10209072076018969_2032870089130453054_o_medium2Frida’s Flowers Blanket by Jane Crowfoot

Last year I took part in the Stylecraft Crochet Along. I made a Lilypond with everyone else and this year they are running it again starting the 5th of April. Even though there were times I did not enjoy it, I have the added task to making parts of it for the display at work as we stock the yarn and the leaflets never do the blanket justice as it is supposed to be a mystery but there are loads of photos online if you look for them, even on the pattern page on Ravelry. You can still access the pattern from last year, originally they were going to take it down after a certain time period but in the end they kept running it because loads of people didn’t start it until they saw what their friends made.

And that concludes my queue. I do hope I get to finish these before the end of 2016. That is my goal so I can start the new year with a new queue.

The keen eyed among you may spot that I do indeed have more than ten in my Ravelry queue which I had mentioned I like to avoid, but the other patterns, I do not want to lose, I am merely bookmarking them for a later date when my Top Ten are complete.