Birthday Wishes

With my birthday approaching, only a month away, mixed with my new found love for all things handdyed and ravelry. Here are a few things I am hoping the birthday fairy may bring. Or at least I may get a little bit of birthday money and I shall buy it myself.

To be honest most years I don’t know what I want, so this makes a nice change for me. You may have a knitter in your life, and may want to surprise them with something they will love. These are my suggestions use them if you wish.

I would love a Mina Makes project bag in a super colourful fabric, that will make me happy every time I look at it. I am fed up of using plastic bags to store my projects, it is just not that nice.


Stuffed to the brim with Stranded Dyeworks Paradise yarn, my first handdyed yarn which I love and would love to have some more for my stash. I have Almost finished my Color Affection Shawl I wouldn’t mind making some matching gloves or socks, maybe even a hat. I want to make all the things striped yellow and green.jungle

I am in desperate need for some stitch makers, safety pins are a little too cumbersome for my knitting and they just don’t look as nice as these simple hearts.heart markers

At only £2.00 useful in so many projects, any knitter would be pleased to see these gifted to them.

From other blogs and Podcasts I have been hearing all about this Loop in London.


A yarn store that sounds magical and is overflowing with colour and just looks heavenly. Someone please take me there! I am not safe to go on my own.

  1. I get lost, way easily and London scares me.
  2. I would buy wayyyyyyyy too much and would need someone to hold me back.
  3. I have weird ideas about what colours go together and will need someone to rap my knuckles if I was grabbing colours that I like with no clear idea on what I want to use them for.

If you really that knitter in your life, then I am sure they would appriciate a fantantastic set of of Knit Pro Symphonie circular needles, interchangeables. I have a few Symphonies already and I love working with them. I have always preferred wooden needles to metal. I have since learned that metal is meant to be quicker, but I find wooden is quicker for me, mainly because the slightest movement makes me lose stitches. So in a sense loses the speed. Hey ho. I have to be awkward and different.



And if you really love me,

I really want a new laptop so I can up my blogging game. My current one is so slow, it is nearing 5 years of age. My fund stands at £32.00. So I have a long way to go on that.



Geoff’s First Adventure

One half of the first Dozen Adventures. I needed to upload something, so you can have the first half for now. I did not realise how much time writing takes, I have been preoccupied with gift knitting this month. I will come back with the ending when I have reached it.

Once upon a time there was a husband and father who loved his family dearly. His wife loved big ball gowns and trinkets. His sons; Nato and Geoff, loved their parents more than the world. They lived on the farmlands in the Ongoing Plains. Derry worked hard to feed his family and keep his wife in the jewels she held so close to her heart. One day, in the harshest of winters, there was no work in the farmlands, the family began to struggle.

‘Where is my gold necklace? You always give me a necklace for the Winter fair.’ Said the wife to her husband.

‘We can’t afford it my love. I had to pay the rent and feed our growing boys’ Derry replied.

‘Don’t you remember what you promised my father? You said I would want for nothing or does our love mean nothing to you now?’ She spat bitterly. Derry knew the wrath of his wife and knew no words would soothe her. He had to think fast to fix his problem.

Derry took himself to see the Baron of the Ongoing Plains, Errol, a young but caring man. He made his plea.

‘Baron Errol, the winter is hard and this time of year gives us no food, could you please loan me twenty gold coins. Two weeks is all I ask.’ The Baron said nothing as he begged to keep the roof over his family’s head. ‘Please take pity on me sir. I have been loyal to your great family since I was a boy.

Errol thought hard before he spoke. A boy would be useful to him; he needed an opportunity to test his power.

‘What can you give me in return for my coins peasant?’ He spoke these words down his nose to Derry.

‘I have a house you can hold against me, that is all I own.’ It took a lot to bet your home against you.

‘That tiny thing?! It’s not enough.’ He grinned. ‘I will take one son and if you do not pay me back, I shall take the other.’ And with that Derry was dismissed and passed the gold by a servant who whispered in his ear. ‘Take heed; do not squander which you have already lost.’

Derry rushed back to his home to find one wife moody by the fire. He handed her the purse, she squealed in glee. Dreams of the wonder she would wear exploded in vivid colour inside her mind. As she spoke of all the things she would buy, Derry searched the house and grounds for his blessed sons. Only Nato was found, he did not know where his brother had gone and the pair worried.

Baron Errol had Geoff, locked in his keep. He had a spell brewing, one he had been dying to try. The nature of this potion would turn the victim into a wolf under the control of the potion master. The cauldron had been bubbling for over two weeks before the Baron visited his captive. Geoff was chained up, confused, starving and alone. Errol had had the cook make a grand meal for Geoff using the potion, he had starved the boy in the hope that he would shovel the plateful. He stood by the door in the shadows, keeping himself hidden, he kicked the plate over. Geoff looked up and then back to the food, he fell to the floor as Errol released the chains. He sat up with a grunt; the food looked fit for a king. ‘Why is it in front of me?’ He questioned himself. Errol watched the boy nibble at a carrot and left him in peace as he made plans for his new beast.

Geoff stopped eating as soon as the shadow had left the door. He scrambled himself up and pulled his new skinny wrists from the shackles. Breathing deep and flexing his aching bones. Geoff’s only thoughts were on escape and ran to the open door. He ran.

Derry’s wife had wasted the money; there was still no work in the farmlands. He began to panic. Nato had been depressed ever since he lost his brother. He spent any spare time searching the woods for him. Little did he know that he was next. Derry sat by the fire with his wife shouting at him about the empty purse, he sat in silence watching his other son scouring maps looking for place his brother could be hiding. He could not take anymore; he rose from his chair, ignoring the constant belittling and put a hand on Nato’s shoulder.

“I know where he is. If we don’t free him soon, you will be sure to join him.” Derry admitted his foolishness and told his boy just what he had done.

“Father, I cannot forgive you for what you have done, but you must help me rescue my brother.”Nato rose and put on his cloak. Derry followed him, feeling like a shameful child.

Geoff made it out of the keep, before he fainted. He began to shake and his very being began to change.

Nato and Derry were running across the Ongoing Plains racing to Errol’s keep under the guidance of the caring moon. They reached the gate and the servants were running wildly, frantically looking for something, no one heard their pleas. The baron found them, he marched over and Derry froze in fear. Nato squared up, stood his ground he looked Errol in the eyes.

“Do you not remember what was said to you Derry?” Errol smiled, he had lost one experiment, now he had gained another.

“Take me Baron Errol. Please spare my boy.” He fell to his knees. Errol reached a hand over to Derry’s head.

“Do not squander which is already lost.” He tightened his grasp and pushed Derry down into the mud. Nato went to strike Errol but he cast a spell that stopped him in his tracks.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. If you want to save your brother, then you need to come with me. Calmly.” He tutted and turned in a swirl of his robe. Nato could not control his feet he followed the Baron leaving his father weeping in the mud.


The Heartbeat of War

My A level coursework. Been rereading it, hoping to inspire some new writing.

Never before had I sat so still and watched the world collapse into a chaotic mess. Men from around the world joined together to fall. We were crawling over No Man’s Land, struggling against the swamp like mud. Drums of war had been replaced with a beating cough which echoed in our empty chests; an incessant noise blending in with the cacophony of war as we forced our way slowly forward. Troops, already in danger, set off flares, haunting the night’s sky; angels of death. Our drenched feet carried us unwillingly, dragging the empty minds of soldiers, taking us to the end. Mindless drones wandering the land aimlessly as pathetic dreams of life escaped in cold clouds of breath. Every man, almost asleep, sprung into life as the gas-shells land.



Mary was staring doe-eyed at me again. I kept my eyes to the floor. She was worrying about me, always worrying, always watching, as if I was about to breathe strangely.

“These dreams you keep having, they won’t go away. You can tell me anything. What happened out there, Alby?” She reasoned with me, her voice as soft as silk, her eyes bright and innocent. I knew about the dreams, I knew I woke up screaming, but I didn’t know they were dreams, not until I woke up. I looked at her, smiled with the side of my mouth. I tried to open up, talking about it made me relive the war. I couldn’t lie to Mary anymore.

“I keep having the same the dream, of the same day, of the same moment.” I winced as the words fell unprotected from my mouth. Mary took my hand in hers, gave me an encouraging smile. I remember the day, like I was living it again. One month, before ceasefire, I watched him again, flail in pain before my very eyes, he was not much younger than my boy now. I took a deep breath and spoke.

“I saw a friend die helplessly.” I rose from my seat and went into the other room, to see my son’s photograph, to pray for his safety in this new war. My war came flooding back. I heard Mary say something, but I had already gone.



“Gas! Gas! Quick Lads!” The captain cried, we rushed, fumbled our masks out, sticking them on our faces, hoping we got them on in time. We all looked to each other, nodding to one another, giving the sign of ok. That was when we saw him. One solitary man fell. If we were on sea, someone might have called out ‘Man overboard’. Not here, when someone falls to their knees after breathing in a wave of green gas, there was no salvation. He wriggled and squirmed, like a worm in the beak of a bird, staring death in its gnarly face.

A young boy, no more than fourteen, had lied his way in to the army, had lied to be noble because he believed in a lie. He had left on a train like so many others. Tommy, he dreamed he was Sir Lancelot. He couldn’t wait to get home to his dear mother, as he was excited for the respect and pride that awaited him for suffering a man’s duty.

We all watched him, unable to help, we watched a friend die in the most distressing way. He tossed and turned in the mud, howling for help. It was too late. These moments I hated, these moments were done to luck, no skill of battle. Dodge one bullet only to get blown to shards the next.



Mary stood beside me, trying to link her arm in mine, giving me comfort and pulling me out from my head.

“He’ll be alright Albert. They say it’s better out there now.” Mary naively said to me.

“He’s not safe Mary. I fought out there for a better life. I didn’t go and fight for my son to go through the same terror!” I knew I shouldn’t speak to her like this, but she shouldn’t speak like she does. “How do you know he’s alright? He hasn’t written for weeks. We were told Dulce et Decorum est last time Mary! Are you that naïve?” I stormed out into the street, stood in the cool dark air. I leaned back against the cold brickwork, calming myself.

“Edward, God help you if it’s as bad as it was for me.” I whispered into the night. I closed my eyes and returned to Flanders’ fields.



We were told we were brave Sir knights fighting proudly with the swords of freedom. But look at us now, spluttering in the honour of our king, clinging to the fraying edge of life. Tommy twitched now. There was no sound coming from his mouth, and then, his body froze solid. I looked down upon him. He had left the war the only way I knew how. He was finally free of the atrocities of the twentieth century. Tommy’s naivety had cost him his life. The men walked past him, ignoring him. They treated him in the same way the government has. There will be plenty of men back home eager to replace him, thinking they can survive it here. We walked away from his limp shape and the mud soon wrapped itself around him sealing him in all of our looming fates. Boots soon trudged over his coffin made of mud.

German guns exploded, ignored in the distance; linked to our heartbeats pulsing as one across the land. The bullets flew through the air past the birds and straight in to the men’s hearts, killing them before they hit the ground. We, who ducked in time, extended our miserable existences just by a moment. We crawled back the way we came, crawled back in to the trenches searching for shelter. What we found was what we left, a soggy, disheartening home. We had got no further but had come right back and lost good soldiers on the way.



The air raid sounded pulling me from my past, I didn’t move. Mary screamed at me to get in the shelter. I ignored her. I just thought of my little boy, whom I had sworn to protect eighteen years ago.

The First of the Dozen Adventure



Hidden, long Lost, cauldron, imprisonment, foolish, child, transforming, crazy, contest, wolf


The curse was lifted as had been foretold.



Young Geoff becomes a werewolf (child, transforming, wolf)

Cursed by Errol because he is the collateral in his father’s debt (foolish, crazy)

He is captured as a wolf by the Taki tribe for the warrior festival (contest, imprisonment, long lost)

A young Milsy lifts the curse with the help of a magic potion (cauldron)

He stays in the mountains with the Taki (hidden)

Let’s see where we can go from here.


A fantastic start to the year, hungover, I have been a lot worse so I see this as an improvement. I had a lovely day spent with friends and then an even better evening spent cozied up in bed crocheting the optional squares for my Sophie’s Universe blanket that I am also under. We ate pizza in bed watching Futurama, Bender’s Game. 

I am content right now. 

I have been reviewing my past year and thinking about my recent mental health issues and how I am going to help myself get better. Every year I make the ineverable resolutions just like everyone else but never keep them because I make unachievible goals. This time is different, I have sat down and really thought about it. I have thought about things I want to make and do rather than change my personality. I have been coming to terms with myself, I am me and I like it. 

The first one, is the same as everyone else. Lose weight and get a little fitter. This year I have added a little extra to this task. I have some goals attached to it as I have lost 3 dress sizes so techniquly have completed that resolution from last year, Istill have a little bit more work to do. My new task is to be able to run for at least 30mins comfortably. I was making good progress at the gym until Winter hit and my hibernation began. My other goal is to wear a dress I got from a charity shop on my birthday. Not only do I want to fit in it, I would like to feel comfortable in it. 

Same as last year, finish Rowly which has slightly grown this year but not as much. I have introduced a new writing exercise which I will do monthly. Using the cards from my Once Upon A Time board game, I will write a short story set in Starcrossd Wasteland and I may even start to make some small illustrations, see how it goes. 

I would like to do more yoga, practise at least 3 times a week. For all over well being. 

I would like to finish my Christmas cross stitch I started a few years ago, even if I just fit in 1 hours worth of work a week. 

I plan to log my progress on these tasks and hopefully 2016 will be bigger and better. 

Blogmas With Oddknits #9 

                                                   A stream of conciousness from the kitchen floor 

With the last batch of cheese straws in the oven, ready for the WI Christmas party tonight, I find myself at the end of a super relaxing day. I have had a bath and washed my hair, I have added a heel to my Dad’s sock. 

I think I had bitten off more than I could chew especially with the broken needle incident and being quite down this month, I am sorry Dad but you will most likely be getting just the one pair this year. Still, you can let me know if they are good for you and I can make some more for Father’s Day next year. 

It is day like this that I start to feel better but I still have to go to work tomorrow and I end up slipping down the hole again without making the daylight. 

Cereal Time want us to hide gnomes about the place, I was going to hide dragons next year. Maybe everyone will have forgotten about that by then. We are staying in Brighton for a few days in March, I will be taking a backpack full of Oddknit Dragons with me. 

I need to sit down and asses what needs doing in my life to make it better, how can I spend more time doing what I love to keep me sane? I need to replace those blockades in my mind to keep the bad thoughts out. 

Blogmas With Oddknits. #Candid

                   She Steals the Life From Me

I am losing myself. 

I start to feel more like me, I start to be a bit happier, more motivated. All of a sudden I come crashing back down again. It is creeping out from work and seeping into my homelife, I am dealing with it every second of every day. Life is getting harder. 

I am struggling.

I sleep more than anyone should and yet I am constantly tired. Exhausted from forcing myself to survive. My mind never stops obsessing over every last detail, every sentence said to see if it is me. No one else had a problem with me before now. 

I feel overlooked.

Christmas is coming, winter is here. I love these times, I am not enjoying it this year. I need more time more enthusiasm to sort things, make things. Time keeps getting taken from me as I am dragged back to that place. I keep hiding in my bed. In my dreams hoping it will all be ok in the end. 

I am not ok. 

I am in this dark hole and I don’t feel like I can escape. 

I want to make Rowly, I want to go to the Doomful Lands and fight evil with Maylith.